4 Spring Family Gardening Ideas

4 Spring Family Gardening Ideas

Spring is a great time to get outdoors with the family and have some fun in the garden. And to help you do just that we’ve listed some ideas below so the whole family can enjoy gardening.

1. Gardening with the Kids

Whether you’re pruning, clearing out the weeds and adding some new compost or mulch, or planting new flowers, veggies, fruits or herbs, Spring is the perfect time to get out in the garden! Not sure what to plant? We found some great advice on what’s best to plant in Melbourne this time of year. The kids can even help pick out the plants or veggies and help plant them. They could also help maintain the plants with watering and weeding, and if you planted veggies or herbs they can help with the picking or harvesting and cooking.


2. Indoor plants

If you want more greenery but have a small or no backyard, then indoor plants are perfect. When choosing what indoor plants you would like, it’s important to consider whether they are suitable for your family and also check what indoor environment they need. Some indoor plants can be toxic for pets, so to make sure you keep your fury family member safe. This list of pet friendly indoor plants will help.


3. Crafty Garden Ideas

There are so many great ways the kids can create crafty projects either for the garden or with items from the garden. Whether it’s creating their own fairy garden, painting or decorating pots, making veggie labels or creating a home-made worm farm, there is plenty of fun to be had in the garden, just take a look at these ideas.


4. DIY Ideas

The ideas for DIY in the garden are endless, and some are really creative. All aimed towards helping you maintain your garden. From making your own planter boxes and repurposing broken pots to making bee hotels and bird baths, we’ve found a list of great DIY gardening ideas.


We hope you feel inspired for some gardening this spring!

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