5 Ideas for celebrating Father’s Day

5 Ideas for celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up next month, and we’ve created a list of ideas to help you celebrate your dad, your children’s dad, or a special father figure in your life.


1. Small Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a small gift to send to your dad or wanting to just get him a little something, pop into St Helena Pharmacy and pick up a photo frame to hold your favourite photo of you together, a skin care pack for men or one of their many other gift items. There is sure to be something he will like.


2. A Personalised Present

Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be over the top, sometimes simple but meaningful is better. Pick up a card from Aqueduct News & Lotto at St Helena Marketplace and write a message that tells your dad just how much he means to you. He is sure to love the sentiment and effort.

If you aren’t much of a writer, jump online to find a poem, song lyric or story passage to include. Or go the handmade or special hamper way,  whether it’s his favourite snacks in a jar with a label saying “Dad’s Snacks Don’t Touch!” or box filled with the little things he loves or needs but never gets for himself (his favourite chocolate from that special chocolate shop, a pack of cards to play his favourite card game, some socks to replace the ones with holes, a new wallet, a photo book filled with happy memories, etc). And if you want to go the full homemade route and need  some inspiration to help those ideas to start flowing, we have found this great list of personalised gifts.


3. Breakfast in Bed

Treat Dad to the traditional breakfast in bed with a delicious hot brekky. If you’re looking for something new and special to cook for him then you’ll love this list of recipes from Delicious. Or pop down to Baker’s Delight and pick up his favourite scroll or pastry and pair it with a cup of coffee or tea.


4. A Family Meal

Having a family lunch or dinner is often the choice of many for Father’s Day. A great idea is to get takeaway in from Goody’s Charcoal Chicken and enjoy some time with the family on the couch watching Dad’s favourite movie (yes, you heard it right, Dad’s favourite not yours!).


5. Quality Time

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are appreciated the most. Why not just spend some quality time with dad doing something you both love, whether it’s dusting off the bikes and taking a bike ride, playing your favourite board or card games (there’s no family in Uno right?!), tinkering in the garage or shed, building Lego, cooking together, going for a walk or something else that brings a smile to his face.


We hope this sparks some ideas and helps you celebrate Father’s Day with your loved ones.  For more tips and news, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.