Back To School Tips and Ideas

Back To School Tips and Ideas

Back to school is an exciting time of year for both kids and parents. It’s also a busy time of year trying to get organised right after holidays and back to work. To help make this transition from holiday mode to a back-to-school routine, we’ve put together some reminders, tips and ideas for getting organised.

Backpack Essentials

Yes, it’s back to making sure everything makes its way off the kitchen bench or the floor and into the school bag. To make the morning rush a little easier and reducing the amount of times you have to ask the kids if they’ve got everything, you could create a checklist the kids can check before leaving the house. It’ll vary between primary and high school, but here are some examples the checklist might include:

  • Lunch box
  • Drink bottle
  • Books
  • Pencil Case
  • Reader pouch
  • Homework
  • Library books (and the set day they need to be taken)
  • Hat & sunscreen
  • Digital device
  • Sports uniform (and the set day they need to be taken)

If you need some new stationery for the kids stop in at Aqueduct News and lotto, and while you’re at St Helena Marketplace you can pick up some sunscreen from  St Helena Pharmacy and other school supplies from Woolworths.

Lunch box goodies

It can sometimes be tricky trying to come up with new ideas for the lunchbox. If your kids are easy to please and still love a sandwich, you’ll be able to pick up their favourite deli meats from St Helena Pasta Deli, their favourite bread or roll from Bakers Delight and plenty of fun fillings from Woolworths. If your kids get bored of their lunch quite quickly or like trying new things, then it’s worth checking out this list of lunchbox ideas from Woolworths.

Our fave lunch box ideas from Woolworths are:

  • Chicken Taco Cups & Snacks
  • Rice Paper Roll Lunch Box
  • Chicken Nugget Wraps

And if you have fussy eaters this list of recipes from Taste will give you some new ideas.

Tips on getting organised

  • Get out your diary, the family calendar or the calendar on your mobile phone and pop in all the important school dates and events for the term or year so you don’t forget.
  • When you set out the new school routine make sure everyone in the family is aware of it. It might seem obvious but is sometimes overlooked.
  • Making sure lunchboxes and backpacks are prepared or packed the night before will help school mornings run smoothly and feel less rushed.
  • If you’re looking for more ways to get organised for back to school, check out this list from Kidspot.


We hope this list has given you some ideas and helps your family get organised for back to school. To keep up to date with our latest news, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.