Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

We all love a good Easter egg hunt or scavenger hunt! They’re fun and an Easter tradition for many families. If you’re keen to mix it up from your usual hunt this year, perhaps try one of these ideas…

Scavenger Hunt clues

After years of doing scavenger hunts, thinking up new clues sometimes draws a blank. These clues (along with answers) might be helpful:

  • If you open me up and take a look, you’ll find a nice cold treat (fridge)
  • I have four legs, but I don’t have any feet. You use me when its time to eat (kitchen table)
  • I’m here for you when it’s time to sleep (bed)
  • You’ll find me with my pair ready to wear (a pair of shoes)
  • A story, they say, can take you to a place far away. But a book still needs a place to stay. (bookshelf)
  • In my reflection, you’ll see your complexion. (mirror)
  • You fill me up and drain when done. Adding bubbles is always fun! (bathtub)
  • I can show you many things, from cartoons, to movies, to sports, if your parents had their wish, your time with me would be short. (TV)


Here are the clues ready to go, you just need to save the image, print and cut them out.

St Helena Easter Scavenger hunt clues

Puzzle Scavenger hunt

Normally an Easter scavenger hunt uses chocolate eggs but if your kids, or visiting kids, have allergies, try a puzzle scavenger hunt instead.  Grab some plastic reusable eggs and put part of a message, either a letter or word, inside and hide them. The kids then need to work together to find all the eggs and put together the message. The message could even reveal where a treat or prize is hidden.

Easter Reward Hunt

Kids love finding treats but sometimes they don’t always have to be edible. Either print out or write up some rewards on different pieces of paper, and pop these inside reusable eggs that you then hide. The kids then have to find the eggs and find out what their rewards are. Some rewards examples could be choose dinner, go for a bike ride, movie night, skip chores for a week or 15 minutes extra screen time.

Kids Turn

It doesn’t always have to be the adults that get to create the scavenger hunt or hide the eggs. Switch it up and let the kids have some fun creating clues for a scavenger hunt or hiding the eggs. It’ll also give you some time to relax maybe have a cup of coffee, before you get to go find some delicious treats.

Easter Fun at St Helena Marketplace

Hop along to St Helena Marketplace from 11am to 2pm on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April 2022 for free Easter craft activities. There will also be story time at 12pm and 1pm each day. You can even meet the Easter Bunny on the Saturday!


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